ICS Team

Our ICS Team



As a quality-oriented service provider company, employees are the key to success for ICS. Customer enthusiasm caused by employee enthusiasm is our goal.

That's why ICS takes responsibility for employees, creates secure and healthy places of work and offers prospects: growth, flat hierarchies and an open ear are the basis for good development at ICS.

Staff development concepts for all levels of the company ensure permanent further development and help to achieve further development from both a personal and professional point of view.

Training & Development is an essential element in our talent development process. ICS will enable perfect conditions to ensure the project success for all and vice versa training and development is a natural and a self-evident part of their work to develop own strengths. Trainings on the job, online as well as in the group are an integral part of the daily business.

To lead with this mission the ICS Management commits a lot of time in own trainings equally.

Our organisation has access to e-learning programmes on issues around communication skills, marketing, sales, project management and of course it technology.

Furthermore, our staff have the opportunity in general with additional funding programmes for management topics in finance, organisation or technology.